Mobile and video are where Hispanic buyers live. That’s what we deliver. 

The impact of video advertising on Hispanic auto shoppers is immense. When making a purchase, Hispanics are more than 3x more likely to consider an auto brand they saw in a video ad than the general market. And where do they see that video? Hispanics over-index for use of mobile devices for entertainment and for shopping. If you aren’t using mobile and video ads to reach Hispanic auto buyers, you’re missing the target. 


80 percent of Hispanics say they seek out content they can relate to. Hispanic buyers are looking for content — including advertising — that displays and celebrates their culture. 

Hispanics, especially younger Hispanics, way over-index for online video consumption: 30 hours a month vs 19 hours for non-Hispanics. Much of that consumption is on mobile devices: 90% stream on a phone or tablet and Hispanics use online video to research and share information about products.

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