We are a team of experienced marketers with a passion for connecting you with Hispanic buyers.

It was the experiences we heard from our Hispanic community that led us to start Hispania Cultural Marketing. They did not feel they were valued, or that they were represented in the advertising messages they saw, especially for automobiles. We knew there was a better way to reach — and persuade — Hispanic buyers: by understanding how and especially where they consume marketing messages, by listening, by talking directly to them in the idioms of their own home countries, and by treating them with the respect and recognition their buying power deserves.

Kim McFadden

Managing Director

Kim McFadden has extensive management in the national and local radio industry. Kim’s background includes Katz Communications, CBS Radio, and Cox Radio. Most recently, Kim worked for Entravision Communications in Orlando. It was here that the concept of Hispania Cultural Marketing was developed. “ At Entravision, I had the opportunity to work with many car dealers who had great success once they committed to a Hispanic strategy. It’s all about having the right person delivering your message in a culturally relevant way”


Steve Blount

Creative Director

Steve Blount has been a senior executive and consultant for some of the largest US media companies including Rodale, Televisa, Ziff-Davis and Bonnier Corp. A digital maven, video producer and writer, he has developed and executed digital and print campaigns for large marketers including Volkswagen USA, Starwood, E&J Gallo and American Airlines. A longtime resident of South Florida, Steve travels extensively in Latin America and splits his time between Florida and his home in Panama.


Jhanny Cardona

Production Director

Jhanny Cardona was born in Colombia and came to the US in 1996. She began her media career as a news broadcaster for a radio station. That led to a series of positions with Univision, the largest Spanish-language broadcaster in the U.S. At Univision, Jhanny worked as a field and studio reporter and as a producer of news programming and documentaries. Jhanny has since become the spokesperson for prominent law firms and auto brands including Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Chevrolet and Kia.

Ari Brupbacher

Business Manager